TUKU PALENQUERA- Gastronomic and Cultural Tours

We offer our Special Private Tour and our Weekly Group Tour

Our Tours Includes:

  • Transport from Cartagena-Palenque-Cartagena
  • Welcome with music and refreshments at the POSA SUTO farm.
  • Visit to the sector inhabited by legendary families of tamboleros, musicians and singers
  • Visit the Tronkoná neighborhood , where part of traditional palenquera medicine is socialized.
  • Arrival at the monument in honor of the founding leader of the Cimarron BENKOS BIOHO
  • Arrival at the house of ANTONIO CERVANTES REYES KIB PAMBELE-World Boxing Exchampion.
  • Visit to the Arroyo (water supply space, cultural socialization and recreation of the community)
  • Visit to the neighborhood of La Boguita where we can see the mountainous ring that surrounds the town and that contributed to the libertarian struggle of Palenque.
  • VISIT TO THE QUEEN OF THE CONGO: the spectators of the history of San Basilio de Palenque and the braided hairstyles, who fulfilled the functions of territorial maps for the escapes of the times and the enslaved ones during the epoch of the colonization. Skill of our people in the braided hair that lasts until our days.
  • LUNCH at the POSA SUTO farm with a delicious dish from our Cookbook , who won the prize of the best cookbook of the world in Beiging -China 2014 – Gourmand World Cookbook. A combination of flavors and techniques of our African ancestors, adapted to the ingredietes of America.
  • PALENQUERA KITCHEN WORKSHOP: Prior to lunch , our visitors receive a practical theorical explanation of one of the typical Palenquero dishes that they will taste: macerated plantain entrance (typical called «cabeza e gato») .Then theu will continue enjoying typical lunch, main dish: Creole chicken in coconut juice or fish, avocado salad, accompanied by rice of beans or rice «rose» the latter depending on the time of harvest.
  • Later they will taste they will taste one of our strengths as a community palenque which are the sweets prepared especially for the occasion, a full table of flavors where they will enjoy: cocadas of milk, panela, blackberry, guava, passion fruit, joys, caballitos, and peanut ball.
  • Music, Food, Culture, and lot of fun…..
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